Reciprocal Reading Week 11 2017

.I am learning about reciprocal reading.

.I have learned that reciprocal reading invovles being leaders.

.Everyone is expected to contribute.

.Two areas I want get better at are working together as a team so our stregth dose not only come from me but also from others and I want to try not to get distracted.

Statistical investigation week112017

I am  learning to complete a statistical  investigation .

I have learned that the steps in the statistical  inquiry  model are first posing a question next plan an investigation then gather the data next analyse the data and last but not least you form a conclusion.

Something I have learnt from gatharing my data is that the data you gather can be useful because I did are there any foods that  5IR is allergic to.I can use this data because if theres a sheared lunch I will no what I can bring and what I can't bring.

Reading week 6 2017

This week in reading  we have been learning about a labyrinth

.I learned that a labyrinth is another way of saying a maze

.Another thing we learned was that if you got lost in a labyrinth you get a white flag and people  will come to help you out.

. I learned that a labyrinth is a pattern.

.And a labyrinth has a lot of intersections and a lot of dead ends so thats why labyrinths can be challenging

Te Reo Maori week 11 2017

.We have been learning language about  Ko au which means me myself  and I.

.Something I have learnt to say is how old I am.

.My next step is to learn more to have an dicussion.

Week 4 reflection 2017

In the past four weeks I have been learning about art we learned that a paua shell has light colors .  In maths we are learning about statistical investigation we pose a question and gather data my partners question Tamara was .what is your favorite  color.And the question you are posing   has to be useful.Now for the best part MULTICUALTREL week I was wearing a langa wich is a skirt and shirt but way more sparkely and it's nice to see other students wearing there caultrel cloths.We learned about  Israel. Isrel only has one lake that is fresh so I think that Israels has to copramise alot with water but the goverment has came up with a saluotion that they get water from other lakes and make it  fresh by using factory machiens.Israel has a sea called the dead sea.The mud of the sea is good for your skin you can't dive in the water becuse you will just float because of the salt.We also learned about Russia.Russia is the biggest country in the worled Russia has beatiful under ground trains another fact is russia can reach uptil minus 71 it is verey cold russia has worlds deepest sea.Lately we have been doing wrtiting hotspots writing hotspot is where you write about anything or the teacher gives you a sentence stater and you finishe of the story.In swimmig we have been praticig our freestyle.And that is what we have been learning in the past four weeks.

Writing week 3 term 2 2017

  • My writing goal is to write in paragraphs.  
  • I have learned that in writing you always have to have a topic sentence.  So that if anybody  reads your topic sentence they would know what the text is about.
  • My next step is to write a story in a paragraph but making sure that it is still kind of about the story your writing about.



On Tuesday and Wednesday we had Kauri  Athletics.

A challenge I faced on athletics day was  discus .My favorite part was high jump  because I got in the finals .Something I am proud of is discus because we did not practice discus and I did well.

Integrated Learning Presentation

I have presented my narrative using an app called book creator it is very use full and handy.

I worked with Anna-Bella and Rose they were in my group.

My narrative showed empathy by the king telling his friend who was a king as well that you should show empathy and the other king realised how his servants felt when he was bossing them around.
The thing I enjoyed most about this learning was showing a learner quality and getting to choose how you want present your learning in different forms. Something I learnt about Myths and Legends was that in how they have different religions and how they represent there religions.
Art Attack Blog, Week 5, term 3

  • You can use any of the following to help you complete your art attack blog


    For art attack my goal was to produce a piece of art related to our local landscape using either paint, water colour or pastel.

    With Mrs Marsh I learned about foreground, midground and background in landscapes.
    With Mr Forman I learned about colour and complementary colours.
    With Mr Rule I looked at the different landscape features of Canterbury and Banks Peninsula.

    • What you .From Mr Formans lesson we learnt that if we didn't have any light from the sun we would not have any colour.
    • in my art I inclueded a tree,hills,mountins and some clouds.
    • A technique I used was that I did my tree bigger because it was in the foreground .
    • I enjoyed using a different pencil for my sketching a lesson with Mr Rule.
    • The easiest thing to do was planning my art work the hardest thing to do was getting the right shade for the water clour.

    • I would like to try paint if I did another landscape because I would like to know with differnt landscapes how paint looks.
    • I would like to get better at showing my background.


My learning Goals for Term 3


I have been identifying my literacy goals for the start of term 3
My reading teacher is
My writing teacher is

So What?

My handwriting goal is to slope my letters

My spelling goal is to complete list

My writing goal is to write about a moment in time using a picture prompt
                                use a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences
                                use a variety of verbs and adjectives to make my writing more interesting, and
                                precise nouns

My reading goal is to WALT use several pieces of information to make inferences (on information not directly in the text).

My blog goals are  to  add more detail to my blog posts
                            to proofread and edit my blog post before publishing
                            to use a variety of ways to show my learning (text, photos/images, video)
                            to complete all the set blogs for this term
                            to do a ‘Can Do’ blog about an achievement, some other learning or something I am proud is...

            my handwriting.

Reading goals week 2 term 2 2017


. My learning goal is to understand and  organise, or order text.

.I have learned how to know what different words mean by looking in a dictionary.Because I have been having trouble knowing what different words mean.So a dictionary helps a lot.

.My next step is to understand and organise or order text.

Dancing term 2 week 5

IHBL: a hip routine
         a cha cha routine
         to combine different movements in to a dance routine to Treasure by Bruno Mars
         to combine different cha cha moves into a dance routine
So What?

        I really enjoyed the hip hop dance
        My favourite movement / dance was the child step
        I found the cha cha the most challenging.
        What I enjoyed most about Dean’s teaching was that he was entertaning and making each dance lesson fun.
        I feel quite confident / confident / very confident with the dance routines we learned
        I was able pick up the different dance routines easily / quickly
        I found remembering the correct sequence for the dance routines difficult / challenging / easy / needed much practice
        On Friday it was our performance there was a lot of people I was nervous but we did great.

Now what?

        I would like to do further dance lesson
        I would like to learn (type of dance)


Learning raps with Mr McCullum week 6 term 2 2017

  • We have been making up raps  based  on a subject example bullying.
  • We had been learning how to make rhyming raps.So we had to write a sentence  then we had to write another  sentence underneath and the last word has to rhyme with the last word in the first sentence.
  • Now I think I am better than first at raps.

Keeping ourselves safe week 9 2017

 W.A.L.T to keep ourselves safe.

I am learning to make safe decisions

I am learning this because .....   if I'm in trouble I would know  what right decisions to make and if something dangerous happens I would know what to do.

An e.g of my safe decisions.....  are if a stranger comes you go into a lock down you lie down on your stomach and you be quite.